Environmental Solutions

Aerial view of a water/wastewater treatment plantTucker Mechanical has extensive experience providing mechanical services and environmental solutions for water/wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, filtration and pollution control facilities, flood mitigation systems, renewable natural gas projects, and more.

Highly Experienced Piping and Plumbing Professionals

Due to their critical nature, environmental systems demand the highest levels of project efficiency, quality, and productivity. Backed by a team of licensed plumbers, engineers, and mechanical professionals, we’re prepared to overcome even the most complex piping and utility challenges.

Additionally, for upgrades and renovations, our team has the experience and project management processes necessary to complete work without interrupting regular plant operations.

Complete Environmental Solutions Expertise: 

  • Chemical feed piping systems 
  • Gas production and cleaning equipment
  • Process piping and associated plumbing, including above-grade piping and buried piping 
  • Plumbing and domestic water  
  • Discharge piping
  • Sludge pumps
  • Sanitary piping 
  • Submersible pumps 
  • Wet discharge piping 
  • Stormwater pumps
  • Wet well drain pumps 
  • Slide gates, sluice gates, and stop logs 
  • Insulation and architectural siding 
  • Process equipment rigging and setting
  • Hangers, supports, and air relief elements 
  • Structural steel erection 
  • Cast-in-place concrete, epoxy concrete coatings, and concrete modifications 
  • Demolition and removal
  • Air diffusion and bubble aeriation systems 
  • Equipment painting and coating 
  • System integration, computer control, and data acquisition 
  • Electrical renovations and upgrades 
  • HVAC systems