Fairfield, CT

Fairfield Water Pollution Control Facility

Specialty equipment was acquired in a rapid time frame, helping expedite this complex emergency repair.

Tucker Mechanical workers installing new piping for a chilled water riser

Value Delivered

Tucker Mechanical performed an emergency repair to the primary aerobic digester tank at the Fairfield Water Pollution Control Facility. 

Our team met an aggressive, fast-tracked schedule in order to get the vital wastewater equipment back up and running. Thanks to our strong procurement network, we were able to obtain specialty equipment for the repair in only a quarter of the estimated time, helping expedite the process. 

Further, the final project achieved its budget, meeting the competitive bid we provided.

Client Objectives

The damaged digester tank was releasing noxious fumes in the area, posing a serious emergency for the client. As a result, the client needed a contractor with experience working in wastewater treatment facilities who could handle the project’s complexity, as well as one with the capacity to meet a rapid deadline. 


Our general contracting scope of work included: 

  • Concrete demolition, restoration, and coatings 
  • Caulking and sealants 
  • Equipment and instrument installations
    • Twin flame arrestor and relief valves 
    • Ultrasonic level sensor and SCADA integration 
    • New, 188-linear-foot digester cover seal 

We also provided a variety of mechanical and electrical installation services, including: 

  • Repair and replace digester piping
  • Remove and replace pipe insulation
  • Remove and replace lightening protection

Additionally, the project also required our team to design and implement a unique lifting system in order to resolve crane access issues. Our design helped improve safety, lower risk, and deliver a consistent and controlled lift. 

Client Background

The Fairfield Water Pollution Control Facility is located in Fairfield, CT, serving a population of more than 60,000.