Bridgeport, CT

Bridgeport Hospital

We developed and installed plumbing and piping solutions for a hospital’s failing chilled water riser.

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Tucker Mechanical workers installing new piping for a chilled water riser

Value Delivered

We replaced existing water risers that were projected to fail for our customer. Piping fabrication and installation took place over one of the hospital’s operating rooms, and we were able to complete work with minimal interruptions. 

Client Objectives

Yale New Haven Health Systems needed to replace their existing water risers. Our piping fabrication and installation expertise, along with our ability to work with minimal interruptions, made us the ideal candidate for the job. 


For this project, we:

  • Removed existing chilled water risers
  • Fabricated and installed new chilled water risers
  • Greatly increased chilled water capacity for the facility
  • Performed all work while the hospital was open and operational with minimal interruptions

Client Background

Yale New Haven Health Systems is a non-profit medical care provider, and one of Connecticut’s larger healthcare systems.