Oakridge Dairy

We helped one of the largest dairy farms in Connecticut install equipment to convert cattle waste into biofuel, the first such farm to do so in the state.

View of Tucker truck outside of the newly built facility that processes cattle waste into biofuel

Value Delivered

Tucker Mechanical installed and piped the equipment necessary to process, clean, and compress gas from waste for our customer, Oakridge Dairy. Oakridge is the first farm in the state of Connecticut to create fuel from cattle waste.

Client Objectives

Oakridge Dairy has already made several steps toward sustainability, and they wanted to continue that progress by creating biofuel from cattle waste. They needed contractors that could handle the complex and unique piping and process solutions required to convert waste into compressed, clean biofuel.


For this project, we installed the process piping and systems required to convert waste to gas, as well as clean, compress, store, and transport the fuel. We provided the following:

  • Installed all buried and above-ground process piping
  • Installed approximately 30 pre-engineered buildings and structures
  • Provided cast-in-place concrete foundations
  • Provided pipe insulation for process piping
  • Set and installed a tower for the burn off of excess gas

Client Background

Oakridge Dairy Farms is a fifth-generation farm, and is the largest dairy in Connecticut.